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We have created these policies to help us put our values into action in our everyday work with the Transgender Media Portal.

We share these policies on our website because we strive to be open and transparent about our values, intentions, and how we make decisions in all areas of our lab. All of our policies are living documents, which means that as we learn new and better ways of doing our work, we change and improve our policies.

We welcome your feedback. One of our lab’s values is “radical honesty and listening,” and so we will always strive to listen and respond proactively to community suggestions and critique. If you would like to offer feedback or ask us a question, we invite you to send us a message at

Transgender Media Lab Handbook

A description of the lab’s collectively determined values as well as guidelines and protocols for how to put these values into action in our everyday work.

Version 2.4. Last updated June 1, 2024.

Trangender Media Lab Anti-Racist Accountability Reports

An annual status report on the actions that the Transgender Media Lab is taking to increase BIPOC leadership at all levels of the project.

2022 Anti-Racist Accountability Report

Version 1.2. Last updated June 1, 2024.

2021 Anti-Racist Accountability Report

Version 1.3. Last updated June 1, 2024.

Our Approach to Indigenous Genders

A report that outlines our approach to representing Indigenous identities and genders in the Portal.

Version 1.2. Last updated June 1, 2024.

Ethical Considerations for Image Use

A policy informing the TMP's ethical use of images, aiming to balance the promises of trans visibility with its dangers.

Version 1.2. Last updated June 1, 2024.

Image Accessibility on the TMP

A guide with clear instructions to help make images accessible on the TMP.

Version 1.2. Last updated June 1, 2024.

Social Media Policy

A policy that helps ensure our social media content reflects our lab’s values. This policy also describes the actions we will take to ensure that people commenting on our social media posts are not causing harm to BIPOC and disabled trans people.

Version 2.2. Last updated June 1, 2024.